Festambiente is the most important national event with zero impact of Legambiente.

The party was born in 1989 and is held in the month of August at the National Center for sustainable development of Legambiente "Il Girasole", in the village of Rispescia (formerly ENAOLI) at the gates of the Maremma Regional Park.


Festambiente is one of the most anticipated events of the Maremma summer. Two weeks of music, exhibitions, debates, conferences, workshops for children, healthy eating and much more, all under the banner of eco-sustainability with a reduced environmental and energy impact to the smallest possible size. Such as?

  • Part of the electricity consumed is produced by photovoltaic panels.
  • Water is only served in a carafe so as to limit the waste of small bottles or disposable containers.
  • In the bars and in the refreshment points, the absolute protagonist is the Mater-B. No plastic or derivatives but 100% biodegradable materials.
  • To limit water waste to a minimum, Festambiente uses flow reducers, saving 60% of water throughout the festival.
  • The power to Festambiente is strictly organic, zero km and based on typical products of the Maremma.
  • Every paper material used has a low environmental impact, coming from recycled material.

Where, when and how

The heart of the festival is in Rispescia (exit from s.s. Aurelia Rispescia / Alberese), from 5.30pm to 1.00am (02.00am on some evenings). Dates vary (slightly!), However, 10-12 days on horseback!

The ticket costs € 8 by 8.00 pm, after € 12 and children up to the age of 14 enter for free. There are also various affordable subscription rates and family discounts!

Festambiente has three large parking lots (free) near the entrance avenue.

The free shuttle currently serves only to and from Castiglione della Pescaia, Marina di Grosseto and Grosseto.

The eco-market

Within Festambiente you will find the eco-market: food products, t-shirts, cosmetics, household goods, crafts, all in a sustainable way!

It represents a public collection of funds to support the association's institutional activities and the "Dew Project".

The Dew Project takes place in Belarus, in support of the "Nadiejda" Center, a facility located in Vilejka on the shores of a lake in uncontaminated territory. In this structure some children living in areas at risk following the Chernobyl radioactive fallout are welcomed and monitored from a health point of view. The Center also offers pedagogical support that allows students to follow specific programs.

The other activities of Festambiente

A wellness space offers treatments to visitors who want to experience holistic medicine:

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Reiki
  • reflexology
  • Relax Massage
  • Path "self perception"
  • Yoga

For each treatment a contribution of 10.00 euros is requested, which will also be totally donated to the "Dew Project".

The restaurant is absolutely organic! Restaurants (vegetarian, Maremma) bars, ice cream parlors and then guided tastings and Mediterranean diet.

Every day debates and conferences on the environment with local and national guests.

The concerts

Every evening an artist's concert (included in the admission ticket!)

Many people have been on the stage of Festambiente in recent years, some:

Stadium, Simone Cristicchi, Tiromancino, Max Gazzè, Caparezza, Roberto Vecchioni, PFM, Alborosie, Cristiano De André,

.... and how not to remember Pino Daniele!

The city of children

Children have a special place at Festambiente.
Many activities are carried out in the "Children's city" area. Every evening animated readings, theatrical performances with puppets and puppets. From 5.30 pm, after a snack, games, workshops and sports are organized (Football, basketball, dance, taekwondo, rugby, and water sports in an ecopiscina)

The city of children has been designed to meet all the children's playing needs. All the structures have been built respecting the environment; Ecopneus has built the Eco-Play areas by recycling old used tires.

Even with regards to catering, the little ones have their own space, the Bim Bum Bar, located in the Children's City. Here colored tables and stools make the perfect space for a snack, absolutely organic: organic and biodynamic ice cream, fresh fruit and organic crepes with jam and fair-trade hazelnut cream.

The morning of Festambiente

But Festambiente is also excursions, trekking, guided tours and lots of activities for children dedicated to environmental education and the discovery of the territory.

They are all free but with a limited number (reservations required at the Festambiente Organizing Secretariat).

The meeting is generally around 09.00, or in Rispescia, where a free bus will take you to the destination of the excursion, or directly to the place where the activities will take place.

Dates and initiatives change every year.
To keep you updated, the reference site is: www.festambiente.it

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