Who I am?

My name is Marilena and I am a “foreigner” who has lived in the Maremma for over 20 years.

Slow rhythms to which I have adapted quickly. As a foreigner I had the great privilege of being a tourist for life, of being able to still amaze me, every day, for a landscape already seen and yet always so different.

If you want, I will tell you about my Maremma and the places I have learned to know and love in these years.



There are many places in the Maremma to tell and they change shape continuously.

If you have any curiosity, if you want to discover a new place or if you discover that a place has changed compared to how I told it to you, write me in the comments !!! I will be very happy to revisit these lovely places and share new articles with you or change old stories with updates and trivia or new information.



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