In vacanza all'Argentario

What to see at the Argentario?

Crystal clear sea and beautiful pristine beaches...   But not only!


Take a break from beach life to get to know Monte Argentario and the Tuscan Maremma.

The great respect for nature and its cadenced rhythms are the pride of this little paradise. Not by chance the first WWF oasis in Italy was born here. If you love the history and archaeological sites you have come to the right place. Etruscans, Romans, Spaniards have left tangible signs of their passage in the Maremma.

Stop to taste the typical Maremma cuisine with the poor Tuscan dishes, the fish and the Orbetello eel, recipes with wild boar and Tuscan wines.

Simple one-day itineraries , condensed into a few square kilometers for a trip to the Maremma. Your Argentario holidays will be unforgettable. You will fall in love with these magical places ... and you can't help but come back!

I apologize for the publicity, but it helps us to bear the costs of the site.

The most beautiful beaches

Let's discover the beaches of Argentario and how to reach them.
I will show you all the coves starting from Porto Santo Stefano and arriving in Porto Ercole. We will go in search of the most hidden beaches and the most beautiful sea in Tuscany.

Must-see places

There are fantastic places around the Monte Argentario that not everyone knows.
I will guide you in short tours in the small nearby villages and we will discover together some sights and places where you absolutely must go!

Parks and nature reserves

The Maremma is simply splendid for those who, like me, love Nature.
The Macchia Meditteranea is rich in flowers, fruits and particular animals... to be observed but without touching! Curiosities and natural parks also suitable for children.

History and legends

Every place in the Maremma hides a story or a legend to discover.
If you love the Argentario, the curiosities and the history of these places and maybe even the Etruscan archaeological sites have come to the right place!

Typical Maremma cuisine

Loving the Maremma cuisine is very easy!
I discovered that cooking some Maremma dishes is not difficult either. I am writing you some recipes I have learned over the years and some curiosity.