The vicious butterfly of Capalbio

In addition to a large number of VIPs, there is also a beautiful butterfly that has chosen to live in the Argentario and in the Mediterranean scrub. He particularly loves the Capalbio woods where corbezzolo plants are more easily found.

Its scientific name is Charaxes jasius, its slightly more romantic nickname is "Nymph of the corbezzolo" but it is also known to us as the vicious Butterfly of Capalbio.

How is it made?

Friends familiarly call her Jasio or even, "the drunkard", since she drinks alcohol with great pleasure. It is one of the most beautiful and largest butterflies that exist in Italy, with a wingspan that can reach eight centimeters. Its livery is of a delicate brown velvet bordered with orange and traversed by a silver band, with green reflections, blue lunules and red and white trimmings. The wings, which seem to be cantilevered, have two tails.

How to approach the vicious butterfly of Capalbio?

The entomologist Enrico Stella, in a documentary broadcast on TV, explained how to attract her: just put some glass of beer, wine but also heavier alcohol in the bush where she has her shelters. She arrives immediately and unrolls her straw to dip it into the intoxicating liquid. She drinks, drinks and when she leaves it is very difficult for those who observe her to understand if she is drunk or not, because butterflies always fly in waves when they fly even if they are sober.

However, it is said that when the drunkard has drunk it is easier to catch it, also because after hovering high, he goes back down to see if there is still a drop by chance. And then he catches himself effortlessly. But Professor Stella recommended himself: don't do it, leave her free.

He did not commit such an impropriety to study it either. It is not good to take advantage of a lady who has raised her elbow a little.

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