The perfect Argentario beach

Argentario is a peninsula, almost an island (more or less three thousand years ago it really was!), Full of beaches and coves for swimming!
Can you find beaches with rocks or sand ... fine, coarse, or do you prefer black sand?
Do you prefer rocky coves with clear water ... but what will be the one with the sea always calm and without waves?
Or do you prefer the equipped beach where to stay with the family ... but the water will be low enough and your child can swim safely?
Here you will find the perfect beach for every single day of your vacation. You just need to make 3 simple observations:

  • What's the wind? Depending on the wind, you can move to the most sheltered beach and the calmest sea.
  • What kind of beach do you want? Sand, pebbles or cliff?
  • Can you swim? Is shallow water better for children or do you prefer high water for snorkeling?

Any suggestions

For families with small children.
Certainly Feniglia and Giannella are the most suitable beaches: very low water, fine sand, a wide choice of equipped or free beach, depending on the wind you can choose which of the two to go to and evaluate whether to stay near the Argentario or near the coast.

For sportsmen.
Eh! "Sportsmen" is a big word! What do you really mean by sportsmen? Be honest with yourself .....
The black beach (Torba) and Feniglia are wide enough to play with friends ... but please, not so close to those looking for relaxation under an umbrella! Almost all the bathing establishments have a beach volleyball net .... they will be happy to allow you to use it! If, on the other hand, you want to go for a bike ride or a run, the Feniglia also has a pine forest with dirt roads completely in the shade.
For snorkelers, for those who can swim well and for those who are not afraid of a downhill hike (remember that on the way back it becomes an ascent!) Choose one of the most rocky coves of the Argentario! Based on the wind, consider whether those around Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole are better.

Are you looking for solitude and relaxation? Don't you love crowded beaches?
You can walk or pedal to the center of Feniglia (at the 3rd or 4th km). In the middle of summer there will still be a few people, but surely not everyone wants to "get there". Even on the black beach (Torba) you can walk south and you will see that as you walk people will thin out.
If, on the other hand, you do not want to give up the cliff, leave early in the morning and reach a small creek in the Argentario. The early rising will be worth it: if you are the first to arrive you will have the opportunity to find your corner of "paradise", for a day of sun and crystal clear water.
I particularly like going to the rocky area that connects the Cinnamon to the Dead Sea! But check the wind carefully!

Find your beach!

I put 3 tools at your disposal, mix them and you will find the perfect beach:

  • A filter where you can set the ideal characteristics for your beach today
  • The map with [almost] all the marked beaches
  • The list of all the beaches with photos and main information
Filter by


  • If there is a beach that I haven't entered yet, please report it to me in the comments!
  • If you have not managed to find your ideal beach ... go to the mountains next year!
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