The most panoramic point of the Argentario

After a rainy day, when the calm returns, the air is transparent and lets you see far away.
What better time to enjoy a breathtaking landscape!

convento dei frati passionisti

The Convent of the Passionist friars

Looking from afar at the Monte Argentario you will not be able to help but notice that single clear, rectangular building, surrounded by the wood: the Convent of the Passionists.

The road to reach it slowly rises among the Mediterranean scrub. It was built in 1737 by S. Paolo della Croce, following the miracle of the vision of the Virgin which indicated the exact perimeter on which to build the convent which still today houses a dozen Passionist Fathers.
The place is really "mystical", collected, far from the noise of the beach and, even in summer, very cool. Celebrating one's wedding in the small church of the Presentation has always been the ambition of all the couples in the area.

It is worth stopping here for a view from above of the Giannella, the Laguna di Ponente and Orbetello.
Another excellent reason to stop in this place is that this is the only place in the Maremma where you can buy the Argentarium, a herbal liqueur, a secret recipe of the friars. To try!

vista panoramica dalla cima dell'argentario

The most panoramic point

Now continue towards the top of Mount Telegrafo.
At the antennas leave the car in the small parking area. In front of you there is a passage between the trees after which a natural "balcony" opens between the rocks (beware of children, there is no protection here!)

In front of you an exciting landscape!
Giannutri on the left, the island of Giglio in front of you, behind the rocky Montecristo and, when there is no mist, behind you will still see the corsica and maybe the beginning of Sardinia. On the right the island of Elba.

The Tuscan archipelago at your feet.
The days so clear in summer are rare: do not let them escape you.


The only way to reach Punta Telegrafo is the Strada Statale 440 halfway between Porto Santo Stefano and Orbetello. Follow the indication "Punta Telegrafo / Convento Passionisti".

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