The beaches of Talamone

Marina and popular seaside resort.
Its bay is ideal for sailing sports while the rocky coves are a great base for snorkeling.

Fertilia beach

Easily accessible
from the Fonteblanda exit of the SS Aurelia. From the height of the variant that leads to Talamone enjoy the landscape of the bay. There is as much parking as you want! In summer there is a shuttle to the port of Talamone, while in Fonteblanda it is easy to get there on foot from the railway underpass.

It is the beach of excellence for sailing sports due to its geographical conformation: from April to October the thermal wind blows, even with strong intensity, but the sea remains calm. The water is low up to 200 m from the shore, with sandy bottom and outcropping rocks. In Puntone there is an important kitesurf school ( ).
Here international champions train.

Near the Talamone Camping Village a jetty has been positioned to easily reach the high water.

The beach is sandy and the sea currents carry Posidonia here in the winter months, those curious brown "balls" that are made up of thin fibers coming from the plant and joined together by the wave motion.
The remains of beached Posidonia represent a real drawback for the range of particularly demanding tourists, but a WWF dossier states that the presence of Posidonia remains on the beach is a sign of high environmental quality, much better than a "blue flag"!

The beach of women

Although access to the two Talamone beaches both directly from the town and park in summer is really a difficult undertaking. Few places occupied mainly by residents. The problem was solved by creating a rest area (for a fee) at the beginning of the town, just before the tourist port.

If you don't want to take the shuttle, ten minutes of walking will take you to one of the most suggestive beaches of the Argentario: the "Bagno delle Donne" (beach of women). Set among the rocks, gravel beach and clear water.
You will find it easily along the town walls to the right. A slight slope will lead you to the access stairway to the Bathroom.
There is an equipped bathhouse right where the water is low. Excellent base for snorkeling.

But this place offers the best of itself when the sea is very rough. The breaking of the waves on the cliff is a true force of nature. Get to the top, up to the Rocca, from here you can safely enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

The Cannon Beach

The other beach accessible from the town is located just below the lighthouse.

A steep staircase will lead you to the Cannon Beach. It is not for those with small children. The beach is very narrow and gravelly. The seabed is rocky: clear and deep water. Even here don't forget your fins and mask!

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