Il Mulino bianco

Even today the Mulino bianco family has become the common language of identifying the perfect family.
But the white mill is not just a logo but a place. A curious trip for your children but (don't deny it!) Especially for you.

Where is il Mulino bianco

Not far from San Galgano, in the town of Luriano in the municipality of Chiusdino, there is the Mulino delle Pile, the famous testimonial of the "Mulino Bianco" of Barilla.

It was built in the early 1200s by the monks of the nearby Abbey of Serena. The peculiarity of this mill was its use: not only was it used to grind wheat, but it was also used to work the fabrics and make them more consistent. The Mulino delle Pile, takes its name from the stone vessels called "piles" in which the water wheel operated the mechanism that struck the fabrics immersed in a solution used to felting them.
Today it is a farm that stretches for 12 hectares in the Natural Park of Val di Merse.
The structure, beautiful and imposing, is not as white as we are used to seeing it both on the logo and in the TV commercials but it is totally in stone.

The first steps of the "Mulino Bianco"

The first packs of "Mulino bianco" biscuits are dated 1975.
The first logo is the design of a small mill lost between green meadows, which churned out only 5 types of biscuits: tarallucci, molinetti, shovels, campagnole and galletti, names and shapes that evoke peasant atmospheres, packaged in the baker's bag.

Who among us - in the summer (the promotional campaign was in 1978) did not pick up the "ears" to be able to have breakfast in the mythical crock ... throw the first cookie!
The crock of the white mill has entered the homes of 6 million Italians (including me!)

The idea of ​​giving something along with the products is instead born in the 80s.
Simple items placed in a matchbox.
Today the Mulino Bianco surprises have become real collections. Until recently there was a blog and a facebook page, no one knows why, now closed.

But those wishing to continue in the enterprise can find enthusiasts here:

But how did the idea of the real mill come about?

The idea of the "white mill" came in 1989 to Armando Testa, founder of one of the main Italian advertising agencies.
Thus began the hunt for a physical and real place that was the same as the imaginary one. After much research, this Sienese structure was chosen, which was then disused and poorly reduced. The tower, for example, was in ruins and was restored with plasterboard to allow shooting.

It is the first case in Italy where a physical place is chosen to promote a product and it was the first serial of communication in Italy.
The director was none other than Giuseppe Tornatore.

A real mill, a young couple with two children and a grandfather. A united family that will immediately create an emotional bond with the public.

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