Dog beaches

The municipality of Orbetello in 2018 has identified 8 stretches of free beach to be used as a "dog beach". The mayor's order states that the areas are free and free access. The regulation is very detailed.

Anyone wishing to read it in full can find it here:  Ordinance No. 79 of 29-05-2018

The rules

I summarize the main rules: the areas, circumscribed and well delimited by posts, ropes and warning signs, will be accessible to dogs from 8.30 to 20.00. In these spaces dogs can move, run and play freely, without a leash and muzzle, under the direct supervision and responsibility of the carers. They will be able to bathe but on a leash and, for the breeds that fall into the categories of the Ordinance of the Minister of Health Sirchia, also with a muzzle. Only one animal is allowed per companion. The owner is responsible for the behavior of the dog that must be registered with the canine registry and regularly vaccinated for the main infectious diseases.

You will have to avoid prolonged barking and excessively lively behavior of your dog, vice versa it will be removed from the beach. Obviously the dog poop must be promptly removed and placed in the appropriate containers installed.


From owner of a very agitated Zara, (half-German shepherd breed!), That I could never take on the August beach, even in a dog-equipped one, (not because it bites but because it would make too much mess !!!!) I invite you to properly evaluate the nature of your dog before deciding to take it with you, to avoid unpleasant episodes ruin-vacation !!!!

And captain... ...and there are sanctions...
Those who violate the rules of conduct set out in the ordinance face sanctions that can exceed three thousand euros.

Dog beaches around the Argentario

Against this, if your little dog is quiet, perfectly educated, chipped and vaccinated, these are the beaches equipped for dogs where you can take it with you:

  • at the black beach of Torba there are 2 areas, one near the "Frigidaire" plant, the other near the equipped beach "Le dune";
  • in Feniglia, on the side of Porto Ercole, near the seaside resort "Tenda giallo";
  • in Giannella there are 2, one near the "Orbetello Camping Village", the other near the "Camping Giannella";
  • one in Albinia in the Torre Saline area, near the "Bocche D'Albegna" campsite;
  • one on the Osa beach in Fonteblanda, near the "Ideal" campsite;
  • the last, at the Fertilia beach in Talamone, at the International Kitesurf University.



I leave you with an aphorism that I loved ... the perfect portrait of Zara:

My dog as a dog is a disaster, but as a person it is irreplaceable.

(Johannes Rau)
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