A day on the island of GIGLIO

A day on the island of Goats.

Yes, because its name does not derive from the lily, flower and Florentine symbol, but from the Greek Aigylion which became Igilium in Roman times and, finally, Gilium during the Middle Ages, that is, GOAT!

Giglio Porto

The beautiful day trip: prelude to a longer holiday, because after seeing its sea you can not go back!

Departure to Porto Santo Stefano. Get up early: the first ferry is at 7.30. At this time the sea is very calm and you will enjoy the crossing. After an hour of sailing you will arrive in Giglio Porto.
The only port on the island, picturesque, with multicolored houses. Take a tour of the oldest corner of the country, where the homes of the few fishermen who live here all year are located. From the port you can reach "by sea" two of the most beautiful coves on the island: that of Cannelle and that of Caldane. Many boatmen make return service at reasonable prices.

But if your intention is to visit the island in one day, forget about the coves and go to catch the bus, in the square behind the port, destination Campese.


After a 20-minute journey, between curves and hairpin bends immersed in the Mediterranean scrub of the island, here is the Campese. Its beach is a long strip of sand composed of tiny quartz crystals, nestled between the Faraglione on one side and the Medicean Tower on the other. The tower was originally isolated on the rocks, while it is currently connected to the land by a small bridge. Take your time to swim in the crystal clear water. The winds that blow from the south make Campese bay an ideal place for surfing and sailing lovers. Several cafes enliven the bay which has become a modern seaside resort. Nearby is the only campsite on the island.
You would be enchanted by the beautiful sunsets ....... but you only have one day!

After lunch, take the bus back to Giglio Castello.

Giglio Castello

Evocative country, inserted in the "most beautiful villages in Italy" with full rights.
Surrounded by imposing walls, it is an intrigue of narrow streets and alleys, often surmounted by arches, which overlook the houses with external stairs called "balzuoli" to access the upper floors; going into the historic center, to discover the charm of the medieval village, you will arrive in the highest part of the Castle, the Rocca Aldobrandesca which dominates the surrounding territory and the sea. For a long time abandoned, it has been recently restored and reopened to the public.
Also worth a visit is the mother church, which preserves the ulna right of San Mamiliano, patron of the Castle, which occurs on September 15: an event for the whole island. At Giglio Castello the feast of San Mamiliano lasts a week in which religious and popular events follow one another such as the Palio dei Somari, the Festival of the Wild Rabbit and the traditional Quadriglia in the square, danced by everyone, young and old and with the participation of numerous tourists.

Finish your visit to Giglio Castello in one of its cellars where you can taste the Ansonica wine, the genuine and authentic wine of the Isola del Giglio. The vine is grown on small terraces overlooking the sea.

What's better to dispose of a glass of Ansonica if not a good walk ..... downhill?
The mule track that connects the Castle with the Port, one of the oldest communication routes on the island, starts from the square. Throughout the Giglio there are 31 paths that can be traveled on foot. The best time is autumn or spring, when the weather is mild. An idea for an off-season holiday.
The entire Castello-Porto path is 2.2 kilometers long with a drop of 367 meters. It is not particularly demanding and can be covered in an hour, stop to look at the panorama included. The last stretch is paved: you will arrive straight at the boarding of your ferry to return to Porto Santo Stefano.

A busy day that you will not forget.


From Porto Santo Stefano there are 2 ferry companies, the TO.RE.MAR. and the Maregiglio which make regular service with Giglio Porto. The crossing takes about 1 hour. On the island, the Tiemme buses connect Porto-Castello-Campese with timetables coinciding with the ferries.

I wanted a personal outburst, give it to me!

Giglio goats are gone.
But for some time the island has been haunted by a herd of donkeys, of that breed that feeds on selfies, those chasing the Concordia tragically lying, behind their smiling faces!

That January 13, 2012 who lives at Giglio has imprinted it on his memory. He doesn't need selfies or photos to remember: good taste, respect, yes.

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